While Christian books are taken for granted in the UK and US they are far from common in other nations. In Cuba books cost a great deal of money and many committed gospel workers simply do not have access to even the most basic resources. We provide quality Christian literature to pastors, missionaries, theological students and church leaders in Cuba.

Cuba para Cristo currently supports pastors and missionaries with literature in three main ways:

  1. Sending out good Christian books in Spanish to local church leaders and missionaries.
  2. Sourcing and sending out theological books and commentaries to the two Baptist seminaries in Havana and Santiago. These Bible colleges are responsible for training the next generation of Baptist church leaders in Cuba, yet their libraries are not much bigger than the average book shelf in most Western ministers’ studies! Depending on resources, we will send more copies of the same theological books to other seminaries we support.
  3. Printing Christian books locally in Cuba, for free distribution to pastors and church workers. This involves special contractual arrangements with legitimate printers in Cuba, and agreement of a Christian publisher to provide the rights to the Spanish edition (either for free, or at a modest charge).

Our prayer and dream is to have the funds to send a container of Bibles into Cuba. We have the ability to distribute these locally in Cuba to churches where they do not have enough Bibles for one per person: so the demand is huge. The Bibles are printed – we can supply them easily. We just need the money to buy them. Please pray for people to come forward and help us. Spiritually hungry Christians long to have their own Bibles – just one, even.

All the books and magazines we send are paid for by donations to Cuba para Cristo. If you’d like to donate the cost of a book, or take some out there on your next trip to Cuba, then contact us.