How often do you reach in to your cupboard and take something for a headache or other pain?

The Cuban national health system has been one of the major successes of the Revolution. Statistics for life expectancy, infant mortality and the like rival – and are often superior – to those of countries in the West, including the United States. However, in spite of these successes, Cuba does not always have sufficient supplies of medicines.

Sending medicine to Cuba is one of our longest-running projects.

Even basics like ibuprofen and paracetamol are not commonly available. There are occasional outbreaks of disease and infection, for want of simple antibiotics. We are constantly being asked to send multi vitamins.

We have established a process to supply medicines very economically to specific Christian organisations in Cuba.

We buy from a reputable medical wholesaler, at prices up to 90% off UK high street prices. Many of the medicines we buy you could not buy without a prescription.

Through our channels, we are able to deliver them for free to churches in Cuba, which then distribute them for free – according to need, and without favouritism – to people in the area.

If you know someone going to Cuba, who would like to support Cuban citizens in this way, then please ask them to contact us, as we always are looking for reliable people who can help take medicines into Cuba. This is wholly legal and legitimate: the Cuban government permits 10 kilos of medicines to be brought in to the country without any question.