Cuba para Cristo has run a number of trips out to the island over the past few years. Visiting Cuba is an excellent way of sampling something of the unique flavour of Cuban life, and of having fellowship with Cuban Christians. In addition, we help and resource tourists, who are just going to Cuba for a holiday, to serve the church as part of their trip. We have also helped Cubans to leave the island for specific purposes such as attending conferences. (It is our policy only to help Cubans leave the country where there is a 100% commitment to return to serve in Cuba within an agreed time period.)

If you are interested in going, or forming a group to make a trip then contact us. We can arrange trips for anything from individuals to large church/CU-based teams, ranging from one week to several. You could stay in hotels and/or Cuban homes, depending on your aims and budget. You would have the flexibility to go when you wanted, and to say what gifts you could offer to serve the church. We would then ensure you went to a church where you would have the joy of serving your brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as enjoy the wonderful hospitality which is always shown to people who go to Cuba.

If you have already planned your trip independently, please still get in touch with us. We are always looking for people to take resources such as books and computer equipment to Cuba.

You can also read about what other people got up to on their trips.

If you have a trip to Cuba already booked, we have useful information on Cuba, preparations and packing.


We are sensitive to government restrictions on what tourists are allowed to do, and therefore we will not help people travel who want to go beyond these restrictions. The Cuban government allows freedom of worship for tourists as much as for Cubans, and therefore we encourage visitors to participate in the life of the church to the full. A separate visa would be required for explicit missionary activity (“visa religiosa”) and so we do not encourage evangelism, preaching or the like.