Get Involved

Cuba para Cristo is all about ordinary Christians getting involved.

Prayer. Whatever else you are involved in, we want to get people praying for the church in Cuba. Sign up for our monthly prayer letter.

Sponsorship. One huge opportunity is to leverage the comparative prosperity which we experience in the West. We can afford to sponsor full-time local missionaries in Cuba for less than £20/$30 per month. Many of these gospel workers are working for nothing at the moment. Can you, or your church or homegroup, sponsor a full time missionary?

Trips. Most of us who are involved in CPC started off by going on a trip to Cuba, and fell in love with the place. For a truly life changing experience think about travelling on a working holiday to Cuba. Alternatively, if you are learning or would like to learn Spanish and have a few months to use, or you are considering a gap year, contact us about travelling to Cuba on a student visa. Also get in touch if you are simply planning a holiday in Cuba and you would like to get closer to real Cuban culture.

Church Links. We have received requests from a variety of churches in Cuba to form links with churches overseas. The church in Cuba is growing strongly, with many who have never previously heard of Jesus being brought to a living relationship with him. Many churches are begining to look overseas for relationships and fellowships. It is very hard for Cubans to leave their country, for a variety of reasons, and so enjoy receiving visitors from overseas, as well as having news from brothers and sisters in different cultures. Contact us for more info.

Events. We run occasional events usually around London to promote gospel work and awareness of Cuba. Cuban food and music, salsa dancing and CPC information – cool!

Giving. In a country like Cuba we can achieve an awful lot, as you can see from our list of activities, on a very small budget. However all our projects are completely dependent on the giving of ordinary Christians. Please consider giving even a small amount regularly.

Donate a mobile. Cuban pastors are made far more effective if they can communicate, and the best way of doing that is to give them a mobile. Your old one will do – send it to Cuba!