Cuba para Cristo is entirely funded by the giving of ordinary Christians. Our budget is shared between the various projects and is all focussed on grass-roots gospel work in Cuba. The team give their time for free and our admin cost are almost zero.

Given that the average wage is £10 a month in Cuba, a little goes a very long way. But we desperately need to encourage more regular giving as well as the one off donations & fundraisers which we mostly run on. If you are looking to support us, please consider setting up a regular standing order.

Regular giving particularly enables us to support gospel workers. Many Cubans are sensing a call from God to dedicate their lives to full-time gospel ministry. CpC is supporting over 50 gospel workers in Cuba, sending a regular £17/month, which is sufficient to provide a number of basics for them and their family. As far as we know, for the vast majority of these people, this is the only ‘hard currency’ income they have – and is therefore a lifeline for them.

Alternatively, here is some idea of how far one-off gifts might go:

  1. £20 would sponsor a theological book in Spanish for a seminary;
  2. £50 would buy a bicycle for a pastor (or a couple of goats, to enable them in time to be self sufficient in milk and meat);
  3. £300 would give a grant of £10/each to those leaving Bible college/seminary – to help them get established in their new pastorate (there are some 30 seminary students graduating each June from the two evangelical seminaries we support);
  4. £1,000 would enable a pastor & part-time lecturer at a seminary to run 6 “local seminary” training courses for 40 people a time. Each one would seek to support local, lay workers in their ministry of the word (it would provide for the lay pastor’s travel & food for the day, plus other local costs);
  5. £5,000 would buy materials for a pastor’s house (which could be built on top of an existing church building) – thus enabling a community to appoint a residential pastor.

How To Give

If you are a UK taxpayer, it’s best to give via our partners Latin Link, who help us to claim tax back on donations so we receive an extra £2.50 or so for every £10 you give. To give, fill in this form from their site. In the section “How your gift can help”, please select “Project” from the “Support a person or associated project” dropdown, and then pick “Cuba: para Cristo” from the list, or else the money will simply go into their general fund.

If you are not a UK taxpayer, then you can make one-off or regular payments into our bank account. If that’s not possible for some reason, you can also send a cheque, made payable to “Cuba para Cristo”, to the CpC Treasurer. Contact us for bank account details or the Treasurer’s address.

Many thanks!