Send your Phone to Cuba

We all know how valuable a telephone is. It is a daily necessity for us. How much more so in a country where telephone lines are restricted, travel difficult and expensive, and people are constantly being delayed (corresponding to much time wasting as others wait for them).

In Cuba, telephone landlines are only allocated according to government whim – and pastors of churches are one of the lowest on the list. Many have to rely on friends next door to make or receive a phone call. Yet pastors are constantly on the move, and so rarely contactable. And they often need to contact others – that’s the nature of the job. So they may well end up having to drive to deliver a message – since they have no way of delivering it otherwise. This is where your mobile phone comes in!

Because although Cubans may not register mobile phones in their name, it is perfectly legal for a foreigner to do so. And they may register up to three each. So Cuba para Cristo is wanting to encourage British Christians to make use of this loophole, and send their old mobile phones to Cuba.

Ideally, you will also send a cheque for £90 (payable to Latin Link, a registered charity – it’s even tax deductible!), which will enable the pastor to register the phone (for a £75 fee) and buy their first batch of units with the balance. However, if this seems too much, we would rather have the phone without a donation than nothing at all, so please still send it!

In a country where a pastor typically earns £10-£15 per month, this can be seen as a remarkable luxury. Yet our experience is that it frees up pastor’s time to do their work more effectively and efficiently. It also saves them money, since they spend less time driving from one place to another – they can now use the phone. This is our experience, and we want to repeat it as much as we can, for as long as the government allows this loophole for foreigners.

What To Do

  1. Package up your old mobile phone with its recharger and all other kit (if the phone can send texts and was used in the UK, it’s the right kind)
  2. Email us for the address to send it to.
  3. Please give generously and send a cheque for £90 to Latin Link (as outlined on our giving page), which will enable the pastor to register their phone and have £15 of credit.